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Shop Dawson Knives which is a family owned company in Arizona that specializes in crafting handmade knives for real-world users.

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Dawson knives

Dawson Knives are durable fixed blade knives which started since 1973 founded by Barry Dawson, who was served in US Army during Vietnam War.

He didn’t have the funds nor is the technical know-how of knife making but with passion to make perfect tactical, hunting knives is his passion.

With this goal in his mind and passion in his heart, he started making knives and put Micarta handles to them.

Dawson Knives are custom fixed blades, EDC pocket knives, hunting knives, bushcraft knives, bowies and battle ready swords, all 100% made in the USA. People love Dawson Knives and they are in all gun shows across USA one after another which set the stage and then Lynn Dawson a niece of Barry Dawson joined him.

Lynn Dawson really took the art and design of Dawson Knives to next level. Previously Dawson Knives was making utilitarian knives only but when Lynn joined, she came with beautiful file works, those nice lines and pal swells and everything that really showcased Lynn’s side of creativity and also brought the female aspect to Dawson Knives which was previously missing.

Are Dawson Knives any good?

Yes, Dawson Knives are custom made premium knives. All materials used in Dawson blades, handles and in Swords are made in USA and each blade is hand crafted from start to finish in their workshop. The Blades of Dawson knives are made with CPM 3V and 80CRV2 having G 10 handles mostly but they do have few models with Micarta or Carbon fiber handles. Given it’s a family owned business and now it’s their third generation in knife making, yet they are skilled and once their knives are done they have a custom sheath for each knife they make.

Blade finish of Dawson Knives

All Dawson Knives blades, swords have unique blade finish called as Hamon, Arizona Copper finish or Specter finish all having Cerakote. As, Clear Cerakote is a durable, oven-hardened clear ceramic coating which is the top layer of all blades to  protect Dawson blades from corrosion and also maintain the unique good looks of the finish underneath.

What is a Hamon finish?

A Hamon is the unique visual “hard line” typically associated with Japanese heat-treat techniques that date back over 1,000 years. Dawson Knives have created a sleek, modern version of the traditional Hamon and its dual hardness’s in both their Arizona Copper and Specter finishes.

What is Arizona Copper finish?

Firstly, it’s not a painted at all. Dawson Knives have developed their own Arizona Copper finish over months of research and experimentation with their heat-treat process. The color and texture of the raw steel you see is itself. Each is completely unique, requiring a significant amount of skill and time to achieve.

What is a Specter finish?

Again, it’s not sprayed nor painted. As, some knife makers try to imitate the look of a Hamon using various methods, Specter is a genuine Hamon – a visual effect caused by our specialized heat-treat. It goes all the way through the steel.

What Dawson Knives offer?

Dawson knives manufactures only fixed blade knives and swords and it is famous for its approach towards tactical knives, hunting knives, daggers and swords.

You have

Dawson Angler Knife Series

  • Dawson Angler Knife is 6.75 inches in total, with blade construction of comes with CPM 3V blade material, with G 10 handles having a blade length of 3 inches available in Arizona & Hamon blade finish.

Dawson Chief Knife Series

  • Dawson Chef knife is known as Dawson Tactical knife which is 9.75″ (24.77cm) overall. 5.25″ (13.34cm) comes in Specter and Arizona Copper finish with CPM-3V carbon steel blade. Dawson Chief knife series have sculpted G10 handle with Lanyard hole. The knives comes with Custom leather and Kydex belt sheath.

Dawson Deep Notch Knife Series

  • You will get Kydex belt sheath with Deep Notch knife series as they are 7.25 inches overall. Dawson Deep Notch Knife is available in Hamon, Arizona Copper and even in Specter finish with 3.25 inches of CPM-3V carbon steel blade having sculpted G10 handle.

Dawson Field Guide Knife Series

  • Dawson Field Guide Knives are made with full tang CPM 3V steel, the blade of field guide knife in this series have Hamon or Arizona finish with 2.38 inches with overall length of 6.5 inches. The handles of this knife series are made with G 10.

Dawson Handyman Knife Series

  • These Dawson Knives Handyman fixed blade knives are famous for its G 10 Sculpted handles having fixed blade knife with CPM 3V blade material with blade length of 3.13 and overall length 7 inches in total offering Arizona Copper finish blade.

Dawson Huntsman Knife

  • Dawson Huntsman knife is a fixed blade full tang knife with overall size of 8″ (20.32cm. 4.5″ (11.43cm) Specter finish CPM-3V carbon steel blade. Sculpted G10 handle. Huntsman knife comes with Custom leather and Kydex belt sheath.

Dawson Javalina Knife Series

  • Dawson Javalina fixed blade knife is 8.38″ overall. 4″ blade length comes in Hamon & Arizona copper finish with blade made from CPM-3V carbon steel. Different colors of sculpted G10 handle. This Javalina knife series is also full tang in built. All knives in this series comes with Black Kydex and brown leather belt sheath.

Dawson Mojave Knife Series

  • Dawson Mojave Knife is best known for its 3,000 grit fineness. Mojave is clip point knife with 6 inches of CPM 3 V carbon steel with sculpted G10 handles. It’s taken with high remarks by users due to sleek looks and being well balanced. The overall length is 11.38 inches. You can also buy a 7 inches long Mujave Knife as well, which also comes in Dawson Mojave Knife series.

Dawson Pathfinder Knife Series

  • Dawson Pathfinder is fixed blade popular as Hunting knife. The Knives in this series are 9.63″ overall. Blade length of this Pathfinder knife is 4.5 inches which comes with Arizona copper, Hamon and Specter finish while blade has CPM-3V carbon steel construction. It is beautified with sculpted G10 handle. It’s a full tang hunting fixed blade knife with lanyard hole and it comes with Black Kydex and brown leather belt sheath.

Dawson Pequeno Knife Series

  • The Dawson Pequeno fixed blade knife is 6.75″ (17.15cm) overall. 3.25″ (8.26cm) with Specter finish or Arizona copper finish CPM-3V carbon steel blade. Having G 10 or marbled sculpted carbon fiber handles. Each Dawson Pequeno Knife has Kydex belt sheath.

Dawson Raider Knife Series

  • This Dawson Raider knife is also fixed blade full tang knife with 9″ overall length. Having 4″ Arizona copper finish or you can choose Hamon finish made with CPM-3V carbon steel blade. All knives in this series have sculpted G10 handles with Lanyard hole. All blades under Dawson Raider Knife series comes Black Kydex and brown leather belt sheath.

Dawson Serengeti Knife Series

  • Dawson Serengeti fixed blade knife is 7.25″ (18.42cm) overall, having 3.25″ (8.26cm) Specter finish CPM-3V carbon steel blade. The Serengeti knife has sculpted G10 handle. All knives in this series comes with black Kydex belt sheath.

Dawson Snakebite Knife

  • These Dawson Snakebite fixed blade knives have serials like all other Dawson knives, they are available in Hamon finish & Arizona Copper finish, having blade size of 3 inches and overall length of 6.75 inches

Dawson Warthog Knife Series

  • Dawson Warthog Knife is dangerous as it looks with sculpted G10 handle with finger groves, the length of Dawson Warthog knife is 10.25″. The blade length of all Warthog knife series is 4.63 inches construction of CPM 3V steel having Hamon or Arizona Copper finish only. The construction of Warthog knife is heavy being full tented tang knife having a lanyard hole.

Dawson Knives Relentless Swords

  • Dawson Knives is also famous for its swords which are not only premium in price but also in quality. The blade length of Dawson Relentless Swords vary from 14 inches to 22 inches all made with CPM 3V steel having Hamon finish. All Relentless Swords are full tang with Ironwood handles wrapped with black synthetic silk and comes with Black Kydex and brown leather scabbard.

As Dawson Knives are 100% USA made from its materials to manufacturing with experience of over 40 years.

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As Dawson Knives are premium knives and you can have all Dawson fixed blade knives and Dawson swords with lowest possible prices with free shipping options. Order yours today.

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