Darrel Ralph

Darrel Ralph Knives is dedicated to making handmade tools and gear that are designed and manufactured in the Texas, United States. DDR Knives, tools and gear are meant to be used in some of the harshest environments on earth.

Darrel Ralph has the gear to help its users accomplish any mission or a task. DDR Knives are meant to be used, to get nicked, gouged, worked, used and relied on day in and day out.

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Darrel Ralph Knives for sale

Darrel Ralph Knives

In 1987 Darrel began making blades. His designs are not just creativity in motion but imagination come to life for those people in love with cutting edge items. The first blade he ever made was a Butterfly patterned flipper.

Darrel Ralph made his first sale in 1992, being a knife maker for past 5 years at a Knife show in Cincinnati. It would come to be the catalyst for over 20 years of designs that would set the knife world ablaze and raise the risks for various other custom blade makers.

His blades quickly garnered the attention of the U.S. Government leading to an agreement to make switchblades for our greatest warrior guards in the marines.

Early in Darrel’s career he crossed paths with a legend, Jack Crider. Jack’s influence and close personal relationship, narrowed Darrel’s focus and led him to where he is today.

Jack Crider was Randall Knives’ leading blade dealer. At a show Jack happened to approach Darrel at his table and asked him if he had the ability to make a “power blade”.

At that time, Darrel has 90% of his work done in making fixed blade knives. Darrel too sometime to reply as he was thinking when Jack Crider explained further “why do not you take one of these Damascus billets and make me a power blade?! This time Jack was not asking rather giving him a contract to make one.

Most of Darrel’s knife making career was performed in his Ohio store. Due to a number of reasons out of his control, he relocated and moved to Texas. He has actually never ever recalled. The relocation has galvanized his determination to make the best knives in the industry. Whenever, anyone asks him why he relocated to Texas, till date his answer is short and same just one word i.e. “FREEDOM”

Once in Texas, the shop was setup, the team hired and Darrel reinvested hundreds of thousands of dollars on modern equipment. Darrel’s background in applied engineering was getting ready to have a major workout and what a run it has been to this point thus far.

Amazingly extensive designs are already making their way from the drawing board to the packaging and shipping departments. With the increase of sales after the relocation, DDR knives now manufactures knife parts in-house and engages several worldwide excellent quality suppliers as well.

DDR Knives for Sale with us here at Chicago Knife works. As these knives are mainly made in USA with Damascus or Mokume as blade materials for extreme strength and functionality. You will buy all the knives made by this brand on our website with, among the most famous knives which are bestsellers and are also came in different variants, we have them all which are as under:

Darrel Ralph Fixed Blade Knives

This series includes a wide variety of fixed blade non-folding knives. Some of the knives in this series are crafted with a unique design, featuring skull handles. This category also includes knives that can be used for punching in soft materials, breaking ice and glass, and can be used as a push dagger in case of self-defense.

DGT Schadrach Knives

DGT Schadrach Knives features a Tanto blade which has a high-point with flat grind, making it perfect for actions like stabbing. The stainless-steel construction of these Schadrach knives makes them ideal for rugged tasks. The handles feature a paracord wrap promising an excellent grip.

DGT Fist Bump Knife

It’s a hybrid of credit card knife and push dagger. These GDT Fist Bump makes for ideal backup tool for self-defense. All the knives in this series are made with stainless steel, offering durability & strength. The ball key chain design and a belt clip for concealing make the knives highly functional especially if needed for self-defense.

Other DGT fixed blades include

DGT Ortha Dart

  1. DGT Ripcord
  2. DGT Dart Fire
  3. Sermon Knife
  4. Klax Knife Series

Darrel Ralph Pocket Knives

Darrel Ralph mostly has framelock pocket knives in its catalog which are equipped with blades that get concealed inside the frame completely. When the blades of these knives are opened, a portion of handle moves for locking the blade, keeping it secure. You can use these as EDC knives and these are very popular among its customers.

Darrel Ralph Dominator Knife

These knives are included in the new custom line of the brand with blade length of 3.25” and blade that are made with edgy and rugged twist. Dominator series are made from aircraft grade titanium, offering strength for tough applications. Theses frame lock flippers are impressive feature of Dominator knives making these more desirable.

Dominator CF Knife

These are more premium in terms of value against other Dominator knives as these knives offer different blade types like clip point, drop point etc. and mostly they are available in 2 tone finish.

Darrel Ralph Balisong for Sale

This Balisong is 5.25″ (13.34cm) overall and when it’s closed. 4″ (10.16cm). This butterfly knife comes mirror finish having stainless Tanto blade. The Mirror finish titanium handle is worth mentioning. It is also equipped with Pocket clip making it fall in Pocket knives as well. This DDR Balisong knife comes with a zippered storage case.

Axes and Hatchets

Most of the axes in this series are specially designed to be used in the fields. As all the products are designed by Darrel himself, excellence is guaranteed. All axes and hatchets in this are made with high-carbon tool steel. The products in this series have received the Master Proven Seal of Approval by Master Sgt. Grady Burrell.

Zeke Knives

ZEKE Knives include different mini axes and mini hatchets. Most of the products in this niche are made with black powder coated tool steel molded into a blade with cutting edge that is ideal for cutting. These ZEKE Knives come with a black kydex belt sheath for safety.


This series includes a wide variety of specially designed self-defense keychains that are available in different colors. All the products in this series are exclusively designed to deliver better performance without compromising the quality.

Darrel Ralph Go Tools

This series features an array of multi-purpose tools and outdoor accessories. The products in this category can be used as a pry bar, small screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, bottle opener, keyring and hex/bit driver. The solid titanium construction makes these tools ideal for using in tough situations and rugged applications.

DGT Combat Tools

The products in this series are impeccably manufactured with high-grade 5 Titanium. Combat tool series features keyring, bottle opener, carabiner, and comb. The compact size, lightweight and functional design make it easy to carry along. These tools help the outdoorsmen on their trekking, camping and hunting expeditions.

DGT Aero Multi-Tools

This series of multi-purpose tools feature high-quality stainless-steel construction, making them ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Multi-purpose tools feature bottle openers, pry bar, flat head, hex key, 2 Phillip head screwdrivers and attachment clip. The multi-tool gear caters to the needs of trekkers, outdoorsmen, travelers, and campers.

Darrel Ralph Go Pen

The Go Pens are made from stainless steel with polished finish for enhanced longevity. The compact design and lightweight construction make it easier for you to carry anywhere.

SL Shark Series

This range of Go Pens is impeccably crafted with copper, featuring an aged finish that makes it resistant to any kind of wear and tear. The removable stainless-steel pocket clip makes it easier for you to carry this pen along. The medium point PR4 ink cartridge offers a smooth writing experience.

DDR Knives Warranty

DDR Knives offers a 7 day inspection period for all products being sold. They will refund the money in full before that time if a customer is not satisfied with their product. But after 7 days Darrel Ralph knives will only fix or repair to the best of their ability if there is any issue with a product.

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