CMB Made Knives

CMB Made knives are designed by expert OEM manufacturing team in Guangdong, China with premium materials and attention to detail in finish.

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CMB Made Knives for sale


CMB Knives are designed and manufactured by team which specializes in knife making as they have been providing OEM manufacturing services since 2010. In 2020, CMB launched their brand CMB Made Knives.

Being focused on highest production standards with high quality premium materials, CMB Made Knives not only came up with innovation in their knife designs but also delivered high value to their customers with product quality.

7 Best CMB Made Knives for sale

Following are Best 7 CMB Made Knives for sale with different handle colors, materials, blade finish and blade materials.

  1. CMB Prowler
  2. CMB Kisame
  3. CMB Spear
  4. CMB Hippo
  5. CMB Blaze
  6. CMB Predator
  7. CMB Knight

What Blade Material CMB Use?

CMB Made knives have Bohler K110 stainless, Bohler M390 Stainless, CPM S35VN stainless steel in most of their premium knives and for their budget Pocket knives they use D2 Tool Steel as their blade material.

What type of knives CMB Made Knife Manufacture?

CMB Made Knives manufacture all types of knives yet, their brand CMB Made Knives only focuses on folding pocket knives with Linerlock or Framelock locking mechanisms.

Where CMB Knives are made?

CMB Made Knives are well build knives which are made in China having a manufacturing facility located at Yangdong Industrial Park, Guangdong, China.

CMB Knives Warranty

CMB Made Knives claims that all their products manufactured in their facility passes professionally quality checks and inspections and each knife will be free from any sort of manufacturing defect related to workmanship or materials Just like other knives companies, fair use policy apply. In case of visible manufacturing defect, knife will be replaced with new or with another knife of same value.

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