Boker Magnum

Boker Magnum Knives offers huge range of Knives from all categories like hunting knives, modern tactical knives, Pocket Knives and even swords. Magnum by Boker is a sub brand of Boker Knives offering unbeatable price to performance ratio.

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Boker Magnum knives for sale

Magnum by Böker Knives are manufactured in China & Taiwan whereas, they are being designed in Solingen i.e. Headquarters of Boker Knives. These Mangum Knives are really affordable with wide range of blade materials, handle materials while keeping the knives practical.

Böker Magnum knives

Boker Magnum knives comes in different shapes and sizes. From Modern EDC or tactical knives to old classic gentlemen’s knives. Similarly, you will find survival knives for great hunting experiences.

Magnum Böker Knives have one thing in common and that is their price top quality ratio. You get much more value against the money you pay for Boker Mangum Knife which is one the core leading factors of being so popular all over the globe.

Boker Magnum Users

The Magnum by Boker collection has versatility and it’s not wrong to say that this knife brand contains something for everyone. Especially for those who are looking for a simple knife for a cheaper price are beginner knife collectors who are starting to collect knives.

You will get a quality design and material that you see on Boker Collections yet paying way less given you may miss out on premium fit and finish yet still in this price competitive industry you will still get much value against other products of same price.

Magnum by Boker Knives

These knives have almost have three main key features which include ultra-secured Linerlock mechanism, seatbelt cutter, and a glass breaker. Magnum Knives series features different knives including Swords, throwing knives, tactical knives, hunters’ knives, and survival knives which fixed blade knives.

Most Popular Magnum Knives are as under

  • Magnum Duke,
  • Macro Stubby
  • Magnum Recurve Flash
  • Damascus
  • Compact Resume

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