Boker Knives

Boker Knives is the first company which introduced ceramic knives to the market. The company was founded in 1879 by Robert Boker & Hermann Heuser in Solingen, Germany.

Boker Knives for Sale

Boker Knives for sale 2024

It offers a vast product line which includes Boker Fixed blade Knives, Boker folding Knives and knife sharpeners being most successful in international markets. The company is spread across the globe in many countries with its manufacturing units making it a Tree Brand.

Boker Tree Brand Knives offers over 200 plus products catering to hikers, travelers, hunters, adventure enthusiasts and even knife collectors.

Böker knives carries different brand names across the globe each is labeled according to the product and its manufacturing location as it also answers the frequently asked question “where are Boker tree brand knives made?” Which is as under:

  • Böker Knives are made in Solingen, Germany
  • Boker Arbolito Knives are made in Argentina
  • Black Fox Knives are made in China
  • Boker Plus Knives are made in USA, Spain, Italy, Taiwan and China
  • Fox Knives are made in Italy
  • J. Justin & Sons Knives are made in Solingen, Germany
  • Boker Magnum Knives are made in Taiwan and China

Boker Knives – Boker Tree Brand Knives

Boker Tree Brand Knives are highly reliable and durable because of their sturdy material construction. Böker has never compromised with the durability, look and feel of their Knives ensuring that each piece they deliver is best in both to their customers. With this dedication and determination in every knife Böker created, which now encompasses a huge assortment of styles built to match every knife user.

Böker knives are manufactured from inputs from German engineers’, military, police and combat experts. These products are tested at every production procedure to ensure quality construction and their practicality in everyday use.

Boker knives USA

Boker USA distributes high-end hunting and sporting knives, as well as kitchen cutlery, sharpeners, and watches through US retail outlets and its own catalogs. Many of the products it sells are made by sister company Heinr. Boker Baumwerk in Germany.

Other items include bags, self-defense videos, and flashlights. The company sells its products through independent dealers, catalogs. The earliest manifestation of the company began in Germany with Herman and Robert Boeker when they began making sabers in 1829. Boker USA was founded in Colorado in 1986.

Boker Knives Australia

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We also offer 30 days no questions asked return and refund policy on all our products. Having 30,000 plus products with more than 700 plus brands from more than 500+ manufacturers all around the globe making us one of the best Knife online stores in United States.

Boker Automatic Knives

These automatic knives are also called switch blade knives which have spring loaded blade. When unlocked, the blade opens with the force of spring and it locks itself in place.

This convenient and fast blade opening mechanism is very popular with many users. Given, Boker USA Inc. does not sell any of these knives because of Knife LAWS in USA do not permit Automatic Knives to be imported in United States.

Therefore, these knives are produced in USA and are sold under Boker Plus Brand (link is as under 🙂


Boker Fixed blade Knives

These Fixed Blade Knives have a much more robust and sturdy blade than Pocket Knives, because they are able to absorb much greater force and don’t have to be held open by a mechanism.

These Boker hunting Knives are indispensable and representative tools for scouts, hunters, outdoor fans and many professional users. They are usual carried on the belt in a synthetic or leather sheath.

Boker Pocket Knives

Experts know that real pocket knives cannot be reduced to just multiple tools like the Swiss Officer Knife as there are many functions and tools for leisure and sporting activities. These pocket knives provide latest closures and modern design at a variety of price points – from utility knives, collectible knives to gentleman knives, tactical and outdoor knives.

Boker Kitchen Knives

These Boker Kitchen Knives offer sharp edge, ergonomic design and high quality. A good kitchen knife quickly pays off with everyday use and comfort you have while using. Once you have worked with a truly sharp Boker knife in the kitchen, you’ll never want to be without it.

Boker Sharpeners

Sharpening knives are much easier than you might think with Boker Sharpeners. As it’s famously said “With the right tools and the right technique, any knife can be as sharp as it was on the first day”. Even the best knives are getting dull over time, so regular sharpening is a must. Boker Sharpeners are purpose made according to their knives so you can have same sharp edge you have when you held Boker Knife first time in your hand from its Box.

Boker Swords

Boker Magnum has swords ranging from a Roman short sword to Japanese ninjas or katana swords, from broadswords of elven warriors to legendary swords of knights in the Middle Ages. From one-handed to two-handed swords which are exceptionally highly decorative for collectors, exquisite artifacts. The swords that can be used with a hardened and sharpened blade, made of stainless steel, carbon steel or hand forged from Damascus steel.

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