Bastinelli Creations

Bastinelli knives are as much artworks as they are tools. Aptly referred to as tactical knives, each piece is a sight to witness as it explores dark style elements.

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Bastinelli Knives

Bastinelli Knives are crafted to excellence and be available in a series of special designs. The designs of Bastinlli Creations vary from slick utility pieces to downright Skulls and Bones having haunting appearances.

Bastinelli Creations

All Bastinelli knives are developed and designed by the French knife maker name Bastien Coves. Thats why his company is named as Bastinelli Creations.

Bastien Coves handcrafts numerous blades in his workshop. Several of his most popular designs are produced commercially by Microtech Knives as well as Lion Steel Knives in Italy. This extremely ranked steel producer is renowned for delivering quality, trustworthy knives, karambits and other cutlery.

Popular Bastinelli Knives

Bastinelli knives have numerous amazing styles produced commercially, such as the Ice Scream, RED and diagnostic, these all handmade pieces are worth considering Bastinelli Creations.

Bastien Coves pays attention to detail while creating his custom knives from cutting the steel, shapping the blade, crafting the handle, grinding, sharpening and engraving, all done by hand making them true masterpieces of not only perfection but also in terms of designs.

You can buy popular Bastinelli Creation Knives like Bastinelli Mako, Bastinelli Bastinelli Spade, Bastinelli Chopper, Bastinelli Pika & Bastinelli Silence

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