Xin Cutlery

Xin cutlery knives are designed by greatest knife designers with premium materials along with highest level of craftsmanship using latest technology.

Xin Cutlery is known for its kitchen knives which offer an ingenious balance between materials, design and ergonomics needed for cutting longer and comfortable during use.

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Xin Cutlery for sale

Xin Cutlery for Sale

Shop all Xin Cutlery items for sale with us. As we offer lowest prices on all Xin Cultery items with free shipping and even buy 1 get 2 free gifts offer on different Xin kitchen knives as per our offer which change from time to time.

Word Xin means heart, intention, and feeling and from these Xin Cutlery brand you can see that in their kitchen knives where their blades remain sharp giving you smooth cutting feeling and you love to cut for your food prep.

Xin Cutlery has been in market as new brand owned by bestech knives which is its parent company and known for its innovative designs.

Blade Materials of Xin Cutlery

As Xin Cutlery is known for its kitchen knives and users are concerned with edge retention and easy sharpening, premium steels like 14C28N Sandvik, Bohler M390 and Sandvik 12C27 Stainless steels are being.

Who owns Xin Cutlery Knives?

BesTech Knives Owns Xin Cutlery knives. All Xin Kitchen knives are made in same facility with premium materials.  And Bestech Knives is owned by Yangjiang Outdoor Winner Industries.

Who designs Xin Cutlery?

Knife Designers like Grzegorz Grabarski and Ostap Hel from Poland are leading kitchen knives designers for most of Xin Cutlery catalogue.

Xin Cutlery loves innovation and they have sign up form at their website for new kitchen knife designers to join their team

Where Xin Cutlery is manufactured?

Xin Cutlery’s products are made in Guangdong China at same manufacturing facility of Bestech knives.

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