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Silky Saws for sale

Silky Saws

Silky Saws continues the legacy of fine wood cutting saws since early 1900 and it continued to raise the bar of endurance, cutting efficiency and quality that no one can match.

Silk Saws are manufactured in Ono, Japan which is hub of world’s finest steel known to man. All Silky Saws are made in Ono, Japan till date and to best of our knowledge.

Silky Saw brand is market leader in development of portable wood saws and they create one of the best saws designs in the world.

Silky Saws for Sale

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Can you sharpen a silky saws?

Silky saws which do not have induction hardened teeth can be easily sharpened with Silky Saw’s silky file with ease.

Are Silky saws made in Japan?

Yes, Silky saws are made in Japan. The manufacturing facility is located in Ono Japan which is known for finest cutlery steel in the world.

Silky Saws has been manufacturing saws since 1900s and it has not only raised the quality or endurance bar over the years but also provides cutting efficiency that is hard to match with its competitors.

What is a silky saw?

Silky Saws is a brand offering best tree pruning hand saws made in Japan. These pruning hand saws cut faster and remain sharp longer than traditional saws that is why these saws are named Silky Saws.

What is the biggest silky saw?

Silky Saws KatanaBoy is the largest folding silky saw you can find in market. It has 3 variants listed as under:

  1. Silky KatanaBoy with Saw length of 500mm / 19.8″
  2. Silky KatanaBoy with Saw length of 650mm / 25.63″
  3. Silky KatanaBoy with Saw length of 1000mm / 47.25″

 You can also buy replacement blades of these biggest silky saws as well.

How do you clean a silky saw?

Once you are done using any silky saw, you can clean it using following 4 steps in minutes:

  1. Rub the blade with warm soapy water and brush the blade & teeth to remove any residue, small bits of wood or tree sap between the teeth.
  2. Dry with water absorbing cloth.
  3. Apply thin coating of oil on the blade & teeth.
  4. Thus, cleaning and oiling the blade prolongs the life of saw blade and protects the blade against rust respectively.

What are Silky saws made of?

All silky Saws have stainless steel or carbon steel construction whereas the handles of all Silky saws have rubber compound elastomer which is vulcanized or inserted to ABS plastic or steel.

Silky Saws rubber handles provide very comfortable, secure grip in wet or cold conditions for long cutting tasks and also reduce vibration.

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