Rambo Knives are very the knives used in the Rambo movie and even in the sequels were adapted according to Sylvester Stallone’s needs.

At Sylvester Stallone aka Rambo‘s personal request, the knives were adapted and forged each time.

Therefore, they are called Rambo Knives ( associated with character John Rambo play by Sylvester Stallone)

Rambo Knives,Rambo Knife, Rambo Knives for sale
Rambo Knives for sale

Rambo Knife or John Rambo Knives

Various blade material including paracord, wood, leather, webbing, and seat belt webbing are used to make Rambo knives.

Apart from the other knife parts, the blade of Rambo Knife has always been the center of attraction due to the perfect sharpness and the thick spine.

The blades were emitted intricate depressions from the constant hammer blows.

These procedures make the Rambo Knives superior and qualitative.

Rambo First Blood Knife

Rambo First Blood Knife was designed by Jimmy Lile Smith Knife and used by John Rambo First Blood, a 1982 American action thriller movie. These are standard edge fixed blade knives.

Many knives in this series have the blades engraved with Sylvester Stallone’s signature.

The blades’ steel construction with a flawless matte satin finish resists high compression and prevents separation, even after the toughest uses.

These knives are designed primarily to be used in tactical situations by adventure seekers and nature lovers.

The aluminum stock of the knives has the precision compass. Stainless steel guard with tie-down holes offers maximum user comfort.

This collection is an officially licensed reproduction.

Rambo First Blood Standard Edition for Sale

Rambo III Survival Knife

Rambo III Survival Knife was designed by Smith’s knife Gale Hibbin, at the request of Stallone’s character, primarily for the Rambo III movie released in 1988.

These knives have perfect blades of ground hand lends a finish than excellent. The sturdy stainless construction of the knives helps to stay under the toughest situation without getting split.

Rambo III Standard Edition for Sale

Its Rambo III knife but it does not have Rambo Signatures on it.

Rambo III Signature Edition for Sale

As name Suggests, it’s Rambo III Signature Edition, and it has Rambo Signatures on it its relatively expensive as comparted to standard edition.

Rambo Last Blood Heart stopper Knife

This limited edition & also latest Rambo Knife called Rambo Last Blood Heartstopper knife is an amazing piece of movie memorabilia.

Few props from any movie are as iconic as John Rambo knives and now, you can make one yours.

Rambo Last Blood Heartstopper Knife is a licensed replica was made by meticulous measuring of the actual knife used in Rambo Movie –  Last Blood, and has been crafted to exact standards, including the buffalo leather sheath with leg tie and camo Para cord lanyard.

Where to buy Rambo Knives for Sale?

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