Kansept Knives

Kansept Knives offer high-quality folding knives at a very affordable prices. Shop a full selection of Kansept Knives with us here.

As word “Kansept” is the deformation of the meanings and pronunciation of “Concept”. The structures of knives and ways of making knives are much of muchness, what makes us stand out from the crowd is the ability of innovation. Just like the design idea of our logo, it derives from the image of UFOs which always shuttle from space to space and leaps into future. This means Kansept will always keep pace with the times and constantly absorbs fresh innovative elements and finally put them into knives in future.

Located in Yangjiang, the city of knife in China, Kansept knives has always claimed a pioneering spirit, an openness to the world, talent, cutting-edge technologies and design. Make the best use of the natural advantages, Kansept knives offers the best quality-guaranteed knives at a very affordable price. All these knives are made in China just like We Knives, Civivi Knives, kizer knives and many others.

We have a selected skillful production team with more than 20 years of experience in the knife industry. While at the same time, we also set up a strong Research & Development department to continuously design the most ergonomic, innovative and high quality in-house knives. We not only designs our own pieces of knives, but also strive to bring in the most trendy and innovative designs from foreign respected and potential knife makers.

Kansept knives Carries the responsibility to extract the very best from the materials made available to the customer and to bring them together in a knife which is both aesthetic and practical. With professional and advanced equipment’s, Kansept knives is capable of manufacturing knives with high quality. Each component is machined, finished and meticulously fitted by hand and advanced machines in an exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetics.

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