Kansept Knives

Kansept Knives offer high-quality folding knives at a very affordable prices featuring impressive designs from Ex Kizer Designer Kim Ning. Shop a full selection of Kansept Knives with us at Chicago Knife Works.

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Kansept Knives for sale

Kansept Knives

“Kansept” is the deformation of pronunciation & the meanings of word “Concept”. Kansept Knives’ ability to innovate and continuation in this process has lead it to durable and premium knives over the years.

The structure of knives and the way they are built needs a constant innovation and each knife is made for a purpose keeping all the aesthetics and materials which are considered primarily by this Chinese Knives manufacturing company.

Even the logo of Kansept Knives is taken from an image of UFO’s that travels from galaxy to galaxy in space and leaps forward in future. This refers that Kansept Knives has always kept pace with innovation, technical advancements and constantly evolving their knife designs.

Kansept Knives which mainly manufactures folding pocket knives, has its own manufacturing facility. The Company’s openness to world, utilizing talent with latest knife making technologies lead them to design superb knives which are affordable yet very stylish.

Just like other Chinese brands, Kansept Knives are made in China and it competes other brands like We Knives, Kizer Knives in premium knife category while its close competitor of Civivi Knives and QSP Knife in budget pocket knives category in United States.

Yangjiang is called “City of Knives”, known for skilled knife makers in China. Kansept takes full advantage and also has skilled knife makers who having been producing knives for different companies for past 20 years.

Equipped with R&D Department which continuously provides innovative, high quality knife designs which are the most ergonomic and ahead of their time in terms of features while they also collaborate with foreign knife makers at times.

Kansept Knives for Sale

There are 280 plus Kansept knives for Sale with discount up to 42% off on all in stock at Chicago Knife Works with free shipping all over mainland USA and selected Kansept knives.

There is huge variety of Kansept knives from one can choose from with blade materials ranging from D2 Steel, Damascus, 154CM Stainless, S35VN,CPM 20CV and even Bohler M390 Stainless.

24 Best Kansept Knives for Sale

As there are 280 plus knives in Kansept Knives product Catalogue with different variants, models, blade materials, blade shapes and handle materials. Following is a list of 24 best Kansept Knives which are on sale with us including all their variants.

  1. Kansept Accipiter
  2. Kansept Agent
  3. Kansept Bulldozer
  4. Kansept Convict
  5. Kansept Copperhead
  6. Kansept Delta
  7. Kansept Foosa
  8. Kansept Goblin
  9. Kansept Gremlin
  10. Kansept Hazakura
  11. Kansept Helix
  12. Kansept Kyro
  13. Kansept Main Street
  14. Kansept Mujir
  15. Kansept Pelican EDC
  16. Kansept Pretatout
  17. Kansept Prickle
  18. Kansept Reverie
  19. Kansept Shard
  20. Kansept Shikari
  21. Kansept Spirit
  22. Kansept Vonvic
  23. Kansept Warrior
  24. Kansept Mini Korvid

Who owns Kansept knives?

In 2020, former employee of Kizer Cutlery named Kim Ning who was a knife designer there, started his own venture Kansept Knives and within a small time made its name in highly competitive knife industry of USA.

Are Kansept Knives good?

Yes, Kansept knives uses the premium materials, design knives with attention to details manufactures them with latest technologies which in return brings aesthetics, durability and practicality in use to its customers.

What are lock types of Kansept folding Knives?

To best of our knowledge, Kansept Knives is known for folding knives with 3 different locking mechanisms which includes

  • Linerlock
  • Framelock
  • Lockback

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