Bradford Knives

Bradford Knives are among the best USA Made fixed blades for fishing, whittling, Hiking and even hunting or survival.

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Bradford Knives for sale

Bradford Knives

Bradford Knives are not only attractive & comfortable but they are designed and crafted by Brad Larkin, who is lifelong knife user.

Bradford Knives are great for survival, hiking, camping, whittling and other outdoor activities as EDC knife.

Brad Larkin has experience in manufacturing and as said earlier he has lifelong knife as EDC user experience. With his experience and expertise in manufacturing industry of USA he was being able to get best US Made material at very affordable prices from the vendors. This results in with High Quality yet very affordable fixed blade knives which are 100% made in USA.

Being a small independent knife maker, Brad Larkin designs new knife, prototype it and make adjustments to it resulting the final product of being highest quality possible in terms of ergonomics and utility.

Bradford knives is a small business and it’s just 10 years old, but has started to make it name in US Knife Industry. Yet these knives are made with latest manufacturing technology and high end machinery.

Key Attributes of Bradford Knives

  • Hand Finished
  • High Quality
  • American Materials

Bradford Knives for Sale

Till date (May 2022) Bradford has almost 68 products in their which are loved by its users which we define them in following series as per their making.  We at Chicago Knife Works Offers the lowest prices on All Bradford Knives in our stock making them ideal for you to purchase from us with 100% trust because of our 30 days return policy.

Bradford Guardian 3 Knife

The Bradford Guardian 3 is one of most reliable fixed blade knife and is an al purpose knife with stainless steel blade offering maximum strength for precise cuts yet durable against abrasions during daily use. Tasks like cutting, dicing, chopping are really easy with sharp flatter edge profiles. The Bradford Guardian 3 Knife comes with full tang construction and is available in different handle materials, colors and blade finish.

The Bradford Guardian 3 Knife has 3 main sub variants which are

Bradford Guardian 3.5 Knife

The Guardian 3.5 Knife’s features razor sharp blades for EDC with full tang construction. You have variety of blade types to choose like, drop point, Sheepsfoot and even Tanto blade. Similarly for handle materials you can have wood, Micarta, g10, and 3D Camo.  Thus, all the variants of Bradford Guardian 3.5 Knife are light weight and easy to use in any situation making it perfect for cutting, hunting and chopping.

Bradford Guardian 4 Knife

All Bradford Guardian 4 Knife’s have full tang construction with Bohler N690 Steel and have 4″ of drop point blade. Making them ideal for cutting, chopping, splitting. These Guardian 4 fixed blade knives are known as superb for their use in hunting and camping apart as EDC.

Bradford Guardian 4.5 Knife

Bradford Guardian 4.5 Knife’s are premium knives designed for tactical and keeping everyday utility purposes in mind. All these Guardian 4.5 Knife’s are made with Bohler N690 steel having drop point blade and full tang construction. These knives are designed in uniform geometry ensuring equal distribution of weight throughout the knife making them ideal for precision cutting and for heavy duty tasks. These high end knives comes with leather sheath belt to keep them safe and secure. The handle scales material of these Bradford Guardian 4.5 fixed blades is of G wood or Micarta only.

Bradford Guardian 5.5 Knife

There are 5 variants of Bradford Guardian 5.5 Knife all of them are made with Bohler N690 steel having drop point blade with full tang construction. These are also premium knives with natural Micarta handles and stonewash blade finish. These are made for heavy duty use. To keep them safe and secure all these Bradford Guardian 5.5 knife’s come with leather belt sheath making them easier to access whenever needed.

Bradford knives G-Necker ELMAX

The Bradford G-Necker ELMAX Knife’s have 2.75″ of blade and have skeletonized handles with ELMAX steel. These knives are designed to accompany you on your camping trips, hunting and even at times in kitchen. These EDC comes with Kydex sheath making them easy to carry and use whenever needed.

Where are Bradford knives made?

Bradford Knives is a US knife making company out of the Pacific Northwest specializing in high end hard use/outdoor/kitchen cutlery. Proudly built in Kent, WA USA Bradford Knives are made from the highest grade of materials available with astute attention to detail at all times.

Who owns Bradford knives?

Brad Larkin is the owner of Bradford knives as he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2012 by starting Bradford Knives. Company is based in Kent, WA USA.

Does Bradford Knives Offer Warranty

Yes, Bradford Knives offer life time warranty on their knives. To claim, warranty a user/customer has to pay the shipping and handling fee (both sides) and they will take care of the rest. Even if the blade gets damaged but during normal use, it will be repaired free of cost or even replaced. But any aftermarket modifications will result in void of warranty.

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