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Barebones Living is certified company which build relationships and connect to community through food, nature and the pull of fire. The Barebones Corporation offers gardening and outdoor living tools and products which are designed in USA by experienced designers.

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Barebones Living Outdoor Products for Sale


Robert Workman, founded Barebones Living with an aim to design products that not only connect the people to food, nature and pull of fire but also reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact.

The reduction in Environmental pollution can be decreased via removing plastics not only from their master packs but from their all their packing boxes.

Over the last decade since Barebones Living started operations, the brand won over uniqueness, quality of their products along with design and performance.

Barebones offers wide range of products which mostly includes Barebones knife, Barebones Butterfly knife, barebones Hori Hori Knife, craft knives, axes, hatchets, garden knives etc.

All these products are perfect for people who enjoy open fire cooking, camping and gardening. The best part is, the affordability of these products.

All barebones products are not only affordable but also deliver performance, style and quality because of expert craftsmanship behind their design and manufacturing.

Famous Barebones Living Products

Barebones living brand is famous among enthusiasts with love of nature, food and fire as a whole people who love camping. Following is a list of better seller products which made this brand popular and successful.

Barebones living cooler

Barebones living safari tent

Barebones living Pulaski axes

Barebones living lanterns

Barebones Living Knives

  • The knives are divided in two sections fixed blade knives and Garden tools

Barebones Fixed Blade Knives

  • These outdoor men’s knives collection is perfect for outdoor rituals from making fire to setting up shelter and foraging.
  • The knives of this category have a carbon-tempered steel blade, reinforced by a full tang.
  • Thus, these are high-strength, durable knives that provide ease of use. These utility knives have thumb depression that allows comfortable handling.
  • The knives of this range come with a 900 D Poly Canvas sheath that has a copper accent.

Barebones Garden Tools

  • These garden tools are designed to be used outdoors for sawing, harvesting, picking, weeding, and pruning.
  • The series includes gardening knives that are commonly used by beginners and professionals.
  • Explore the series by for Hori Hori knives that is an ultimate multi-tool for your garden.
  • After spending countless years testing all different types of tools, Barebones discovered a tool called the Hori Hori.

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