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Winkler knives story

Winkler knives Story as one of the most popular brands now in Knife Industry.

Daniel Winkler, Bladesmith’s master, and his partner / wife, Shawn Maker Karen Shaw, have long owned and operated Winkler’s knives. Daniel Winkler has been making knives and an ax ever since he was in high school.

He said that knife-making became a top country in the country. Its manual work is being used by police, firefighters and special operations units around the world. She has appeared in films such as The Last of the Mohawks on television and has written about them in numerous publications.

Winkler Knives Winkler Knives

This may be your first impression of you, now that the knife is expensive, but let’s take a look.
While in high school, he became interested in the historical weapons and tools with rifles loaded with our ancestors. Until he had no access to the accessories he had, he started making them just to participate in the rendering and black powder renovation.

Daniel Winkler said he started knife-making as a shopping project at the school, and eventually began to grow it and rebuild it and meet Black Powder where he helped them to move on to the next event. Sold in gas money. Watch Complete Video

By the time he and Karen got into the beginning of their project, knitting knives had been a hobby until 1988.
During that time he became a blade, where he actually faked knives. It shaped and formed steel rods similar to ours.
He joined the Bladesmith Journey in 1991 with the American Bladesmith Association and Master Bladesmith in 1993. In the meantime, he and Karen simultaneously participated in custom knife shows as a unique knife-making company. He attracted a lot of attention in the world of knives. He got the magazine’s coverage and became very famous while preparing custom knives.

In 2006, Cachet gained the attention of a special military operations unit that wanted to increase Hecht and the knife. Daniel agreed to help and predicted that he would demand his expertise in performing high-performance crafts to perform design work and then contract the manufacturing.

Winkler Combat Axe Maple, Winkler, Knives, winkler knives Winkler Combat Axe Maple, Winkler, Knives, winkler knives

Winkler Knives Manufacturing Facility


He found that contextual maWinkler Knives Manufacturing Facility, winkler knivesmanufacturers did not want to go as far as Daniel needed to find the quality he needed to find his best. He then set up his own manufacturing facility.

Initially, the plan was to equip military units, but as their reputation in the military community grew, demand increased.

Now they have a manufacturing facility with 15 employees, which has been increasing since the first day they started.

Even with a large number of employees, Daniel’s position in the market is limited by the quality he insists on, the process of using it, and the craftsmanship that goes into every knife.

They do everything here in their store in Bonn, North Carolina

“We use advanced technology when we can, and the only reason is for the safety of our workers.” Daniel Winkler

For example:

  • Instead of using blocking saws to cut empty blades, a dangerous, but less expensive way,
  • Danielle opted to make a major investment in a water jet cutting tool, which is literally a diversified technique.
  • The handles are also designed and a model is put into the computerized laser cutting tool.
  • Thus, eliminating the need for a craftsman to operate the block saw.
  • The components are assembled manually – grinding is performed manually,
  • As well as handle removal, blade processing and blades.
  • Then, the sheath is hand-crafted to fit each knife separately.


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