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Zero tolerance zt 0308 review

Zero Tolerance ZT 0308 Review is not as easy, it’s a tactical pocket knife. We its looks & new design, lining up everything and thinking of ZT 0301 & ZT 303 which are now discontinued, Is it a MUST PICK for me?  I write honest reviews and do talk about positives & negatives.

Mostly law enforcement professionals and hobbyists, want a knife which serves the purpose of EDC pocket knife and as if required in any situation, they have a tactical knife with them.  Keeping a good tactical knife is most important defensive tool for backup use. Best part of such knives are they can be used to open packing, cutting strings, slicing food but when situation is not good, you can use it for self defense and it becomes a tactical knife.

Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero tolerance knives started off with its combat knives. And we know that ZT Knives are best US made Tactical knives too. But being a subsidiary of KiaUSA which also a parent company of Kershaw Knives famous for its EDC (every day carry) knives aka Pocket knives, there is a need for folders in the market fulfilling the need of users who need a folder which is tactical & easy to carry.

Why ZT 301 & ZT 303 are discontinued?

Well, as knife lovers, we all know that ZT 301 it was a collaborated design by 3 collaborates KEN ONION, MICK STRIDER & Zero Tolerance. May be the costs are bit high. So, the KIAUSA or Zero Tolerance discontinued it. But this discontinuation leads to increase in its price as it becomes sort of vintage knife

Yes, Zero Tolerance ZT 301 & ZT 303 both the exceptionally high tactical pocket knives have been discontinued by Zero Tolerance.  As ZT 301 is among the flagship models of Zero Tolerance Knives and people love its design, look and feel and definitely it is great whenever put to test.

Zero Tolerance ZT 0308 Review

For those who want larger folders this knife is for you. Yes, a beefy flipper folder I must say. Its robust, elegant, sharp, high end materials like Titanium & CPM CV20 Steel and definitely expensive. Right now, its lowest price you can find it is with Chicago Knife works offering it for $300 + Free Delivery + Free Gift. As they have a deal going on, which has nothing to do with the brands, yet they have 3000 plus free gifts. Yay….! ZT 0308 falls in this deal.

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Zero Tolerance ZT 0308 Knife SKU ZT0308 with free shipping & free gift. For those who prefer their knives on the larger side

Specifications of ZT 0308 knife Review

Before proceeding further, the technical specifications are most important because it defines the product the way it shall be or not. You should also focus on specifications whenever you buy a folder or any knife. Because at times we find different variants and end up buying a wrong product. Therefore, please read the specifications as there are no variants in ZT-0308 as per my knowledge.

    • Overall Length: 8.875″
    • Blade Length: 3.75”
    • Cutting Edge: 4.00″
    • Blade Width: 1.375″
    • Blade Thickness: 0.16″
    • Blade Style: Drop Point
    • Blade Edge: Plain / Flat
    • Blade Finish: Stonewash
    • Opening Action: Manual KVT ball bearings
    • Opens: With Flipper
    • Lock Type: Titanium frame lock, hardened steel lock bar inserts
    • Pocket clip: Reversible (right/left, tip-up)
    • Type: Manual Folder
    • Use: Everyday, Work, Tactical
    • Style: Pocketknife
    • Designer: ZT Originals
    • Made in USA:  Yes

Reviewing Blade of ZT 0308 CPM 20CV

ZT 0308 has a blade length of 3.75 inches made purely CPM 20CV. CPM 20CV steel which has Rockwell Hardness Scale of 59-61. This variation is only due to different heat treatment given by knife makers during process.

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Its CPM 20CV Steel is Crucible Industries’ Patent (Crucible Particle Metallurgy – CPM) as it contains

  • 20% chromium making it corrosion resistant.
  • 9% carbon results in considerable hardness
  • 1% molybdenum & 4% vanadium results in high edge retention and wear resistance
  • 3% Silicon, 0.6% tungsten & 0.3% manganese boosts tensile strength, hardness and also edge retention.

Thus, as far as blade material, we know now that its very hard, robust, corrosion resistant, less prone to wear and tear, the TIP of the blade hardly snaps off. Neither the blade loses its shape. For sharpening of the blade hardly happens. AS CPM 20CV has a property of staying sharp for longer periods. Can be sued to snap of wires too…! But it’s not recommended by me.

Big Swedge & Tapered TIP of ZT 0308

Now to the shape of this beasty blade, its drop point and it got lot of CPM 20CV on it. Its 0.16” thick with width at its belly 1.375” which is quite good for any type of job. You get more room to cut and its easier to slice open anything which comes in its way. Have a closer look on it as under.

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The Swedge on the neck is kind of needed as said earlier the blade itself is quiet. The Big Swedge gives an appealing look and also lessens the weight from knife. The Big swedge on this ZT 308 blade also improves its ability to cut and lock back in. The tapper tip decreases its chances to break and enhances its ability to even pierce through hard objects.

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Reviewing Handle & Ergonomics of ZT 0308

Well, it got two materials on its handle, G10 handle – Coyote on one side & Titanium handle grip on another. The handle size is perfect for medium and large hands offering them comfortable grip. The millwork or ridges on both sides of handle are great. You will not find any hotspot on any side of the handle. The ridges pattern on both sides adds look to overall knife. They are perfectly milled on CNC machine definitely that’s why you will also find them identical to each other in pattern and distribution. This the quality of work, everyone pays to Zero Tolerance against its knives.

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The JIMPING is perfect, it’s not rough neither its smooth, adding extra grip to your hand. In case, if you need to apply pressure in order to cut through, having hand on jimping make it easier.

Zero Tolerance ZT 0308 review, ZT 0308,review, zt 0308 knife, 0308, ZT 0308 review

There is a lanyard hole at the pack of the knife just if you have to use it.

Pocket Clip

Pocket Clip on Zero tolerance ZT 0308 is reversible, making it easier for both left handers and right handers for one handed deployment. You will find 3 screws in ZT 0308 pocket clip to keep it fixed. Its study and good in length, enough to keep knife in pocket even if you are jumping or doing summer

Zero Tolerance ZT 0308, ZT 0308, zt 0308 knife, 0308

Last, pocket clip is compatible with so many available clips in market you can buy from. Not limiting with your style & taste with the pocket clip which comes with it.

Grove (Hole) near the PIVOT Bearing ZT 0308 Knife Review.

Its most important part of the review, there is a grove near the pivot point. When knife is deployed you can see through it. If you drop it in sand or in wet muddy area, its more like that mud or sand sticks with KVT Pivot bearings and result in problem.

Zero Tolerance ZT 0308 review, ZT 0308,review, zt 0308 knife, 0308, ZT 0308 review

But you can even cut something small yet not very hard by putting something there and then closing the knife. (Haven’t given it a try though). Or you can put some oil to lubricate the bearing to have it smoother and long lasting. The Pivot of ZT 0308 has custom nut which can be adjusted with 0.5 Inch wrench. Everything in knife is open, you can get air & dust in and out so the hole near the pivot is not a big issue.

Deployment & Locking System of ZT 0308 Knife

Moving towards the last phase, Its Deployment. The Flipper is manual and small in size. It wonders you at first look that you have to put some extra force to open it. But frankly, this small flipper works like butter when it comes to deployment. The TIK Sound you hear on opening it is SWEET. Thanks to KVT ball bearings Zero Tolerance Knives have in its deployment system, which makes it much easier to open. There is a washer of stainless steel between bearing and titanium frame as well to give it more security from dust and lesser corrosion to titanium frame.

Manual Flipper Knife

The ridges on flipper are nicely done and are in complete synergy or rhythm with index finger. You flip it open very easily. The manual flipper function with ease.

Zero Tolerance ZT 0308 review, ZT 0308,review, zt 0308 knife, 0308, ZT 0308 review

Its titanium frame lock knife with tiny hardened stainless-steel inserts locked with titanium frame via 2 screws. These are replaceable over long long time of use and after giving tough beating to your knife with very poor maintenance which only includes keeping it clean from dust and moisture.  You can open and close the knife with single hand without any problem.

Conclusion (4.9 / 5.0) on ZT 0308 Knife Review

Its 7.1 ounces in weight, which is way beyond a normal pocket knife, but one thing you should understand that its not EDC, its work and tactical knife as well with CPM 20CV steel which as high density meaning more weight than titanium handle. Though scaling on handles, and taping the tip and swedge at neck definitely reduced some material but its there. It’s nothing less than the best.

If you are knife collector or not, but in everyday usage with this big flipper in your pocket and a handy knife for types of cutting and slicing, little extra weight is not the thing one should bother.

Where to buy ZT 0308

Currently, as per today dated March 7, 2020 its out of stock on ZT website. You can find it with Chicago Knife Works who have this in stock for same price of PKR $300. You will not only quality for free shipping but a free knife giveaway deal is also going on with them. Get a free gift too…!

Link is:

Disclaimer: This Article is contributed by Salman Qadeer, who is owner of SQ Expertise working professional and outdoors hobbyist .His love for Spyderco knives and knowledge lead him a contributor. All Opinions shared are subjective. Chicago Knife Works takes no responsibility of any claims
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