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Review Marbles folding Bowie knife

We have done a review Marbles Folding Bowie Knife post related to this iconic Knife. Check it out

Before talking about a MARBLES FOLDING BOWEI KNIFE 4 INCHES MODEL and considering it, let’s take a look at the history of the marbles knives manufacturer who designed and manufactured these knives.

The company that manufactured marbles weapons initially produced the Universal Rifles, then expanded its Rifles products to outdoor items, such as

  • hunting knives
  • safety gears
  • compasses
  • tools and rifles
  • marbles game tools, etc.

You can also see that the first knife manufactured by W.L. Marble is the Marble Woodcraft Knife designed by George W Brooks, an outdoor enthusiast, but we don’t have any information regarding people on the Internet. While it is said that George W Brooks contacted Marbles Knives to create his iconic design.

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In 1915, Marble passed a design patent for the Marbles wooden knife and began manufacturing it in a limited edition. At the end of 1916, this became the mainstream of the marble arms company. By then, Marbles Outdoor Knives had become widespread in Michigan’s Gladstone region.

Although the company was founded in 1892, the company began to expand branches and stores in different areas after the production of Woodcraft knives began.

The success of the Woodcraft knife for Mr. Marble led him to start producing other hunting knives and various survival tools. These hunting knives include an iconic marble design that is a pocket knife called the Marbles Folding Bowie.


Marble folding Bowie (4″)

Folding Feature – Marbles Folding Bowie

Marbles Folding Bowie

Marbles Folding Bowie Knife

This Marbles folding Bowie gradually became popular due to its folding ability and build quality. People started using this marble Bowie Folding Knife despite the fairly large knife, even after closing. The pockets of that era aspire to fit this large folding knife.

Value of Vintage Marbles Folding Bowie Knife

It is very beautiful having a unique design of the folding blade, in which the longer blade is protected by the clutch. In 1930, the production of all these knives stopped due to wars, but at present there are very few knives in the 1930s. And a knife in good condition is more expensive. 100 to 500 dollars in the current market

Safety Folder Feature

Marbles Folding Bowie

Marbles Folding Bowie

The marble safety folder is about 6 1/4 inches when closed, which is the only thing called clips that are marked to hold the knife because the knife is longer than the handle. They used the bone to produce a handle for the Marbles knife. These handles are quite stronger than any material and give these knives a grand appearance, with marble nickel silver blasting machines and engraved logos.

This knife comes with a black leather belt sheath that acts as a leather storage pouch for this folding Bowie.

Specifications of Marbles Outdoor Knives Folding Bowie Knife

Marbles Folding Bowie

Marbles Knives Folding Bowie Knife

Blade Material   stainless bowie blade

Blade Length     4″

Closed                  8.38″

Handles               Jigged stag bone

sheath                 Black leather belt sheath

Guard                  Folding guard for blade

Blade Finish        Mirror Finish

Blade Material   Stainless Steel

Weight                 0.85 Lbs


Conclusion on the Marbles folding Bowie

Marbles Bowie folding knife is one of Marble Outdoor Knives exotic designs, the real handle material and the impressive carbon steel blade with folding features that bring great joy when holding the knife. It’s time for you to feel this beast in your hand.

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