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Kershaw Bareknuckle Knife Review

Kershaw Bareknuckle Knife Review

Established in 1974, Kershaw has actually been making knives for practically 40 years now. Kershaw is most likely best understood for their mid and little size EDC and tactical folders. Kershaw Knives is owned by KAI, which likewise owns Zero Tolerance which is concentrated on high-end tactical knives, in addition to Shun Knives (luxury Japanese kitchen knives).

Kershaw Bareknuckle Sub-Frame Lock SKU KS7777

It’s been a long period of time coming. The Kershaw Bareknuckle with SKU KS7777 is the current version of a knife style that has actually been churning in between sibling brand names (and competing business) because Zero Tolerance revealed the 0777 back in 2011. It’s likewise something of a brand-new flagship for Kershaw, who have not presented a reasonably priced, USA-made, manual action folder because the Skyline struck the marketplace more than a years earlier.

Kershaw Bareknuckle Knife Review

Kershaw Knives’ Bareknuckle Details

The Bareknuckle takes the muscular style of the 0777 and wrings out all the water weight. Its slenderer percentages offer the knife a lean, powerful appearance: still elegant, simply more serious. They likewise make the Bareknuckle feel nicely compact, particularly when closed.

Open, the blade determines 3.6 inches and every bit of it is functional edge. The plunge grind converges the honing choil tidily, and the geometry of the handle enables the edge to extend practically all the method to the extra-large pivot.


The blade shape is unlike anything else, I’ve ever utilized, I came to like it rather a bit. Thanks to a high flat grind and fairly thin blade stock, it slices rather well. In general, it’s a good compromise for a general-purpose EDC knife, particularly if you desire a pointy idea that isn’t so fragile you have to infant it.Kershaw Bareknuckle Knife Review

Additional Information of Bareknuckle Knife

Weight                                               0.26 Lbs.

Blade Material                                 14C28N Sandvik Stainless

Blade Length (Inches)                    3.5.

Closed Length (Inches)                  4.63, 4.75.

Blade Finish                                      Stonewash Finish.

Manufacturer                                   Kershaw.

Made in Country                             USA.

Bareknuckle is Sub Frame Lock Knife

Kershaw Bareknuckle Knife Review

Surprisingly, I discovered the Bareknuckle’s uncommon blade shape especially simple to hone. The straightaways at the idea and heel of the blade made it easy to sign up the edge versus a stone. Read more about GI Utility Knife Review

The finger choil doubles as a cutout to access the sub-frame lock, and stops the knuckles from riding up versus the flipper tab. The milled lines in the handle offer the smooth anodized aluminum an enjoyable tactility, and circulation perfectly with the aspects of the blade.

Non-Euclidean Geometry

It’s so securely matched to the blade– and the blade has so much edge– that folding the thing up feels like some technique of non-Euclidean geometry. In usage, I discovered myself wanting for either a little less blade length or little bit more handle.

Release & Lockup of Bareknuckle Knife.

The Bareknuckle utilizes KAI’s sub-frame lock: a durable lock bar incorporated into a light-weight handle. Other than possibly a limited boost in strength, I do not see what benefits a sub-frame lock has over an inset liner lock.

And regrettably, a sub-frame lock is likewise prone to the exact same issues as a common frame lock. Because the lock bar is exposed, it’s simple to accidentally put pressure on it, pressing the detent ball into its hole and eventually making the blade harder to release. When the Bareknuckle was brand-new the detent was punishingly stiff– there were times I definitely might not open the knife, particularly if my hands were sweaty or damp.Kershaw Bareknuckle Knife Review

Kershaw Barenuckle Review– Final Thoughts.

The knife market looks extremely various than it did 10 years back. Social media has actually offered knife lovers a louder voice than ever. The Bareknuckle is certainly an item of these pressures: a manual action ball-bearing flipper, competitively priced, with a popular (amongst knife geeks, that is) style heritage.


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