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Kershaw Dividend Review

Today’s review is about Kershaw Dividend, released in 2017 at SHOT SHOW. From its first appearance, it’s been with me ever since. It made an impression and I loved having it in my collection ever since. Yes, I am talking about Kershaw Dividend with SKU KS1812GRY. This is the knife for today’s review.

Kershaw Dividend

Kershaw Dividend KS1812GRY

Kershaw Dividend

Kershaw Dividend KS1812GRY

First Impression of Kershaw Dividend KS1812

Well, with reference to my Kershaw Leek Review, once you hold it in your hand, you will feel as if you are holding Kershaw Leek, as Kershaw Dividend is also slim, small, lightweight, SpeedSafe and above all, US made and you will find US flag on handle and mentioned on blade as well.

Kershaw Dividend Review, Kershaw Dividend with US flag on handle

It’s more of complicated when you see Kershaw dividend as there are so many screws in the handle and kept on wondering that are these for and so. Then the blade material is another concern with 420HC. This lead me to give some tough time to my Kershaw Dividend as you read along you will know and see more.

Kershaw Dividend Review

Kershaw Dividend Review

I follow a simple yet detailed pattern, whenever I’m reviewing a product and Honesty when I’m writing about any product. As Kershaw Knives is subsidiary of KIA USA and it has knives made from Japan and other parts yet it’s renowned for US Made Pocket Knives as well. Anyways, first things first, let’s talk about Specifications of this Kershaw Dividend Knife.

Specifications of Kershaw Dividend Knife

Technical specifications are most important to know, because they tell you what you can aspect from a product and where it fails to deliver. So, please read through the specifications of Dividend as they will be discussed in more detail as we move towards reviewing Kershaw dividend.

  • Blade Length 3 in. (7.6 cm)
  • Steel Blade Material 420HC
  • Coating / Blade Finish Stonewashed finish
  • Blade Thickness 0.09 in. (2.29 mm)
  • Closed Length 4.25 in. (10.8 cm)
  • Handle Material 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Finish/Coating of Handle  Gray anodized
  • Handle Thickness 0.35 in. (8.9 mm)
  • Overall Length 7.25 in. (18.5 cm)
  • Weight 2.8 oz. (80 g)

Blade Kershaw Dividend Review

Kershaw Dividend Review

The blade size of Kershaw dividend is 3 inches which is normal and effective for normal EDC Knife (Every day Carry Knife) or pocket knife. The shape of the blade is in between Wharncliffe blade or Drop Point Blade. But, whatever shape you consider for its blade, it’s equally good for everyday use. Given, I felt it’s more of Wharncliffe blade then drop point. What do you think? Tell me in your comments.

The Blade Steel is 420HC which seems cheaper with the price tag this knife comes with. Given in comparison with CPM 20CV or other expensive steel materials, the performance isn’t that great but the blade lasts longer in its edge retention and we all know that 420HC is much easier to sharpen and it retains it edge as well.

Don’t forget its pocket knife not survival or tactical knife. It’s perfect if you carry it with you on the go and once can easily sharpen it anywhere without having special equipment required for other expensive blades.

I crafted a spoon from it, and its sharpness remained liked razor afterwards too.

Kershaw Dividend Review

Having 420HC stainless steel blade is good but we are used to see expensive materials from Kershaw. So, 420HC blade is little hard to digest that’s all.

Reviewing Handle Ergonomics of Kershaw Dividend

It’s a common handle shape that KIA’s in-house design team uses not only in Kershaw Knives but you will find it even in zero tolerance knives like ZT 0095BW or in ZT 0777. Kershaw Dividend Review

I personally think, that this knife handle shape is very optimal in use and can be used universally meaning it’s comfortable of all hand types and hands. The aluminum knife handles has its disadvantages but its lighter and corrosion resistant. That is why KIA USA’s in house designers use this very often but it lacks in Innovation too. If they are coming up with new knife the handle shape must have something innovative in it as well.

As far as the comfort is concerned, the handle is comfortable as when I was engraving a wooden spoon as shown in picture below, I didn’t have grip fatigue on my hands at all. Being said that Handle shape and size is great.

Pocket Clip & Lanyard Hole

Unlike, Leek, Dividend has plenty of options for pocket clip. All these options address all types of Pocket knives users and hands. A left handed person can adjust it while keeping Knife Up or Knife down just as right handed person. Thus, for Pocket Clip having multiple options in it.

Kershaw Dividend Review

The lanyard hole comes just right next to pocket clip and it’s great if someone is using a lanyard hole with string in it

.Kershaw Dividend Review

Kershaw Dividend Review Deployment

Kershaw Dividend’s deploying is great due to synergy between SpeedSafe & Flippers eliminating the possibilities of misfires.  It deploys safely & securely no matter how many times you deploy it. But do get routine check on its spring, if it breaks or wears out that might cause you some trouble.

Kershaw Dividend Review

The liner locking mechanism in Dividend is rock solid and yes its strong all this EDC knife I must say. Deployment is easy, smooth and much soft as compared to LEEK.

Link, Leek or Kershaw Dividend?

Actually, the feel in hand matters much more to me, Kershaw Link is much thicker and it fills the hand, it’s more of bigger version in EDC as compared to Dividend. Whereas, Dividend is sleek, sweet and elegant and gives more of Pocket Knife Feeling when holding.

For Kershaw Leek, it misses on Pocket Clip Options, stainless steel handle lacking in hand ergonomics, and definitely 17 years old knife yet, Dividend is much better with only downside of 420HC Stainless Steel.  But after testing it’s not an issue.

Yes, if anyone is looking for new EDC while remaining in budget, and has to choose from above three, Dividend is much better as compared to Leek then.

Kershaw leek Vs Kershaw Dividend Review

As mentioned earlier in Kershaw Leek Review that its blade length is 3 inches, same goes for Kershaw Dividend but Dividend is 0.25 or ¼ Quarter inch bigger as compared to Leek when fully open.

For Weight its paper light 2.8 ounces whereas Leek seemed little heavier weighing around 3 ounces.

Dividend came with lighter material for its handle as its aluminum as compared to leek having stainless steel handles.

There are so many other difference too which you will find as you read along.

Kershaw Dividend Review – Conclusion

A friend of mine cut paper with it, then a card board of cartons as they are hard and also have layer of glue given its dry but it adds extra resistance to cutting. Later as shown in the pictures  later we sliced it on wood to do some engraving thing just to check how it works with hard surfaces and the blade stand true to its tasks.

Kershaw Dividend Review

Kershaw Dividend Review

Kershaw Dividend Review

In the end, to check the sharpness, what else can check if its razor sharp and to my aww..! It still remained razor sharp that’s the key point of 420HC.

Kershaw Dividend Review

The overall design & usage elements of Kershaw Dividend are competent but it fails to stand out when compared to character like Kershaw Scallion or Kershaw Bareknuckle. But now being priced at 37.8$ is worth buying in comparison to 69$ earlier.  With this price tag, it’s a must buy for usage or for collection. It’s a great Pocket Knife, and you will not regret your purchase.

Kershaw Dividend Review

This Article is contributed by Salman Qadeer Mian, who is owner of Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore working professional and outdoors hobbyist .His love for knives and knowledge lead him as a contributor. All Opinions shared are subjective. Chicago Knife Works takes no responsibility of any claims
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