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Kershaw Scallion Review

Before start reading Kershaw Scallion Review 2020, you should know the purpose why i have written a review. As a 12 years old knife but still in front lines of sales, Kershaw Scallion which was launched in 2008 and today in 2020 I’m reviewing it again to check, the reasons why its still selling and what makes it special for buyers.

As I saw many reviews about it, from amazon, Kershaw website and other online stores. There was a continuous pattern of sales and reviews being given by Kershaw pocket knife loves.

As we know, Kershaw Knives is now a subsidiary of KiaUSA Ltd and mostly Kershaw Knives are being manufactured in Japan, China & USA. Kershaw Scallion is USA Made.

Kershaw Scallion Review, Kershaw, Scallion, Review, 2020

Who is Designer of Kershaw Scallion?

Well, with reference to “Kershaw Leek Review” where LEEK is a name of vegetable, similarly Kershaw Scallion where SCALLION is yet name of another vegetable we eat. And the designer for both popular pocket knives is “KEN ONION”. Personally, I don’t know why KEN always names knife with a vegetable, may be because of his second name. Jokes Apart. He is a great Knife Designer of all times.

Why Ken Onion is Great Designer?

Well, apart from being an inventor of SpeedSafe Mechanism (patent used by Kershaw Knives) and being a great safety mechanism inventor, all the knives I have review so far by Ken Onion have some qualities which at times other designers forget or set aside. The best part of his designs are the ergonomics of blade designs with handle comfort. He is good in keeping both in a rhythmic synergy that mostly knife designers don’t care much. That is the main reason his knives are love most among other knife designers.

Kershaw Scallion Review

Well I’m choosing Kershaw Scallion Linerlock A/O Green also known as Kershaw Scallion Olive Drab. Given there are 8 different variants of Kershaw Scallion from handle colors such as purple to blade with serrations.  But Scallion Olive drab SKU KS1620OL is the one I liked and I’m reviewing it today.

Specification of Kershaw Scallion SKU KS1620OL

As there are 13 variants therefore main Features or specification of Kershaw Scallion are as under:Kershaw Scallion Purple, Kershaw Scallion Review

    • Blade length: 2.25 inches
    • Overall length: 5.75 inches
    • Closed length: 3.5 inches
    • Weight: 2.5 ounces
    • Blade material: 420HC
    • Locking mechanism: Liner Lock
    • County of origin: USA
    • Variants: 13 variants  (Click to See all)
Note: All variants have different blade finish, handle colors and blade types and blade sizes with little variations in blade sizes as well. Thus, All are almost same in size.

Comparison of Kershaw Scallion

In comparison with Kershaw LEEK, its little smaller as Leek is Overall length of 7 inches whereas Scallion is just 5.75 inches when fully opened. Its bigger than another Kershaw Knife i.e. Kershaw Chive just because of Chive got tiny blade of 1.7”.

Very light & Slim

It’s just 2.5 Ounces i.e. 70.68 grams which is even lighter than a normal printing paper. Once in pocket, you can not feel its there. Just like Kershaw Leek its also quite slim. Thus, in comparison, Its little small, slightly lighter than LEEK.

Reviewing blade of Kershaw Scallion 2020

As we all know, blade material, size and shape all three components adds value to a knife when in use and there shall be harmony between all three of them to complete the tasks. Because mostly the knives we buy, we put them to test by using them in different situations for which they were bought.

Material of Kershaw Scallion Blade

Blade material is of utter importance when selecting any pocket knife and for that, I don’t like 420HC in a pocket knife. As per my experience, 420HC blades loses their sharpness from time to time and you have to sharpen time. But the best part with 420HC steel is they can be easily sharpened using old fashioned sharpening tools.

Kershaw Scallion Review, Kershaw, Scallion, Review, 2020

Yes, 420HC steel is corrosion resistant and chances of getting rust or patina on blade are less but as usual if you want to store it, please clean it well then oil it before putting it in storage to avoid any type of rust to develop.

Shape of Kershaw Scallion Blade

Kershaw Scallion blade is drop point as see it. It’s great for slicing fruits & vegetables if you love to eat on the go. But if you want to pierce through any hard box etc., be careful, the tip of the blade is dull, and having 420HC steel which is very hard, it may snap off.  But It’s great for opening letters or plastic bags.


Handle of Kershaw Scallion

Kershaw Scallion handle is of Aluminum one of the factors making it almost 70 grams in weight as discussed earlier. Handle has been anodized so they can accept the dye colors as its variant are in purple, green (the one I’m reviewing).  But apart from color, it makes handles more scratch resistant.

Kershaw Scallion Review, Kershaw, Scallion, Review, 2020

Slippery if wet or sweaty:

Aluminum handles are just as slipper as stainless steel handles, even anodization wont help. If they have some textured it, it would be great. Because its liner lock, there are no coils to them. Such handles become slippery when you put heavy pressure. But being 3.5 inches pocket knife you must know what its capable of and what is not.

Jimping is a savior

Kershaw Scallion Review, Kershaw, Scallion, Review, 2020

I like the jimping on scallion, given if you have to apply pressure then use different grip on knife like placing index finer on jimping rather than hammer grip. It helps in cutting through hard surfaces and even piercing as a carton.

Pocket Clip

Single position back clip, restricting it to one side only and it’s a problem for left handers as well. Being a left-handed person, I don’t like it for not giving an option to adjust it. Whereas Kershaw Conceirge‘s got adjustable pocket clip.Kershaw Scallion Review, Kershaw, Scallion, Review, 2020

Deployment & Locking Mechanism.

Its Speed safe Liner locking mechanism. Meaning its easier for you to close and open the knife. I find it quite easier to open and close with ease using single hand. It’s just because of Liner locking where a spring does the work for me. With flipper at the back, opening isn’t a problem.

TIP LockKershaw Scallion Review, Kershaw, Scallion, Review, 2020

Yes, it also has tip lock, so you can lock the blade so its an additional safety if you even put in in side or back of your trouser pocket. With tip locked its safe.

Wrapping it all Up

Good things about Kershaw Scallion are; it’s not very expensive, light weight, all variants look good. The downsides to it are; single side pocket clip, don’t like 420HC steel loses newness in weeks. And conclusion is it got looks, its cute, with variants, compact, easy to use but there is no wow factor or must factor involved in this knife.

Well, being an anodized, its prone to scratches over time, and within use of few weeks the look of new or fresh pocket knife is lost.  Pocket clip is sturdy just like Kershaw Bareknucle knife but for right-handed person who can easily operate it, me being a lefty it cannot be adjusted. It’s just the price tag and overall looks of the knife which is why people still like it.

It comes in a boxed packing

Kershaw Scallion Review, Kershaw, Scallion, Review, 2020


Disclaimer: This Article is contributed by Salman Qadeer, who is owner of SQ Expertise working professional and outdoors hobbyist. All Opinions shared are subjective and his thoughts and experiences. Chicago Knife Works takes no responsibility of any claims.
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