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Kershaw Launch 4 Review

As we all know Kershaw Knives is a famous made in USA brand and a subsidiary of KIA LTD who also owns Zero Tolerance Knives. The Kershaw LAUNCH 4 is from Kershaw’s Automatic Knives Series. The Launch series was launched a few years back by Kershaw Knives. These are basic, USA made knives with tidy lines, and aluminum grips that come in a variety of colored anodization choices in addition to a more standard matte black offering.

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Kershaw Launch 4 Review

Kershaw has lots of Launch knives with 3-3.5 ″ blades, and I might inspect among those out later, however there was something about the diminutive Launch 4 that captured my eye. Given its been launched four years ago i.e in 2016, but still its a great automatic EDC i can say.

Launch 4 a Cali Legal Knife

The Launch 4 is also known “Cali Legal” automatic with its under 2 ″ blade. Cali Legal’s are an intriguing class of automated knives, that feature blades that are 2 ″ long or less. As automatic knives are illegal to carry in some states, but in California USA, one can carry an automatic knife but its blade length shall be under 2 inches. Therefore, such automatic pocket knives with blade length under 2” are called CALI LEGAL and there is huge range offered by us which are also made in USA from renowned brands like Case Cutlery, Zero Tolerance, TOPS Knives, Medford knives and Knife Manufacturers. This is a classification I wouldn’t mind exploring further.  (Click for More Details)

At any rate, this small knife, suitable for daily carry, presuming it’s legal for you to do so. As always, please examine your regional laws prior to purchasing an automatic knife. In lots of places these sorts of knives can be either illegal to carry or own. As its Kershaw Launch 4 is available in category of Automatic Knives for that reason, its prohibited in some states and even in couple of nations. Take care before buying it and do check your state and country laws.

Kershaw Launch 4 Specifications & Details

The Launch 4 has actually gotten a lot of deal with cardboard. It cuts cardboard capably. Not the outright finest slicer with its brief stout blade, but it finishes the job. It’s not my option of knife for cutting apples, or for food prep in general, as the blade is too short and the juices wind up streaming into the pivot location, however, this knife probably wasn’t developed for preparing apple slices. You can watch this movie on Kershaw Launch 4 Review 2020

Kershaw Launch 4 Dimensions

The Launch 4 has a total length of 5.10 ″, a 1.9 ″ blade, weighs 1.98 ounces, and is made in the USA.

Kershaw Launch 4 Blade

The spear point blade is stout, and made from blade stock that is simply over 3mm thick. Including to the ruggedness is the partial hollow grind and partial swedge. Completion result is a knife with a sharp yet meaty suggestion. Kershaw Launch 4 comes with variants like black DLC coated blade and uncoated version as well. Choose the option you like the most.

Kershaw Launch 4 Steel CPM154

Blade steel on this knife is CPM154, a tried and true American blade steel I have actually grown to both like and know over the years. 154CM Steel has a major issue of catching rust over time so you have to keep an eye on your knife and always keep is clean and dry at this price tag point its delightful to see CPM-154 stamped on the Kershaw Launch 4 blade.

DLC is my favorite blade coating because it is so long lasting. I discovered the knife simple to sharpen on my Spyderco Golden Stone.

(Best part is Spyderco golden stone under free shipping these days)

Reviewing Kershaw Launch 4 Review of Handle

You will be impressed with the handle of this knife as I am. The design is extremely clean and thoughtful, the engineering is top notch, and I like the contrast with the black hardware and blue handles. The ultimate beauty lies in the simplicity of this knife.

Kershaw Launch 4 Review

Reviewing Kershaw Launch 4 Review of its Ergonomics

There isn’t much to grab, however the knife still handles to fill the hand and vanishes into your palm. You can easily hold the knife in both forward and reverse grips. You can also hold the knife usually and it will definitely open a letter.

There is no jimping on this knife, or any aggressive texturing. Nevertheless, the difficult anodization has a light texture that supplies some great tactile feedback, and the Launch 4 does not feel slippery. Still, those actively looking for out knives with “traction strategies” might wish to stockpile on skateboard tape, or select something else to shower with. ( following picture is taken from BladeHQ)

Kershaw Launch 4 Review - Egronomics

Reviewing Kershaw Launch Review of its Pocket Clip

The pocket clip controls the back handle of this knife. The handle is drilled and tapped for best side suggestion up carry only, however you can barely fault Kershaw for that provided the small size of this knife.

In practice this is a discreet knife. I think the knife is little enough as it is, and I’m not sure having it entirely buried in the pocket is a great idea. That stated, if you get the all black variation of this knife my guess is that it would be quite sneaky.

The Launch 4 is simple to carry. Sub 2 ounces and small, it’s a little thicker than a Spyderco Dragonfly 2. Picture of Dragonfly 2 is as under:

Spyderco Dragonfly 2

Spyderco Dragonfly 2


Kershaw Launch 4 Reviewing Implementation and Lockup

This is a push button auto with a coil spring. An attempted and real style that needs to use years of hassle-free use. The action is stylish and stiff. You need to pay attention or the knife could fly out of your hand whilst releasing the blade. I have not taken this one apart yet, however it appears to be great design where the aluminum frames serve as essential washers. Hold it tight in your hand while opening the Knife.

There is no safety of any kind, but the button requires an excellent deal of travel to open the blade. Opening the knife mistakenly is unlikely, but like any knife you require to treat this tool carefully and with respect.

Lockup is secure and play totally free thanks to the stout button lock. They aren’t as in vogue as frame locks, but done right they are strong and useful. This Launch 4 is no exception.

Kershaw Launch 4 Review

Kershaw Launch 4 without DLC Green Variant

Kershaw Launch 4 Review – Conclusions

The Launch 4 is called in. The tidy style, tight tolerances, and outstanding option of materials provide the knife a premium feel. In an age where you can invest a lot of cash on exotic materials and style flourishes, there is something rejuvenating about purchasing a knife that strikes that ideal balance of kind and function. Kershaw didn’t go incredibly inexpensive, and they didn’t gild the lily either. They managed to find that sweet area and assigned their budget to great blade steel, tight tolerances, and durable surfaces. Completion result is a rock-solid small format vehicle for well under $100. Right now this is out of stock with Chicago Knife Works but you will find so many other Kershaw Knives for sale with them at lowest possible prices.

If you are searching for a premium Cali legal auto, then I think the Launch 4 is an exceptional option. It’s dependable and resilient. Once it’s in your hand, you can see yourself why Kershaw Launch 4 is a popular choice?



Disclaimer: This Article is contributed by Salman Qadeer, who is working professional and outdoors hobbyist. All Opinions shared are subjective. Chicago Knife Works takes no responsibility of any claims.
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