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Taking Proper Care of Your Hunting Tool

When you own something, you make sure it lasts long. You take responsibility to take care of it properly and maintain its good state. The same goes for a razor hunting knife or a whole hunting set. To keep your knife in its prime condition and always ready-to-use, whenever wherever required, cleaning is necessary. While you’re out hunting in the woods, having a sharp-blade knife is something inevitable. If you are not sure how to keep your hunting tool as good as new, follow the below-mentioned tips!

Clean Knife Thoroughly

Cleaning a razor hunting knife doesn’t take much effort, only if you do it routinely. When you keep every part of the tool clean, you prolong its life. The blade of most knives are made of stainless steel these days, make sure to keep rust and corrosion away from it. Though sheath is the safest place, don’t store your knife in it if you are not planning to use it anytime soon. When unused, moisture makes its way inside the sheath and thus, forms a layer of rust on the blade. When your blade is wet, before putting it back, make sure to dry it off completely. Also, apply a light coat of oil. When your knife meets any corrosive substance, like saltwater, clean it thoroughly with clear water and apply the oil before covering it up in the sheath.

When you have a folding blade, pay special attention to the hinge. Sand and grime often make the area home and interfere with the rotation of the blade. Remove the collected dust and apply a little oil for smooth opening and closing of the blade.

Cleaning of the knife’s handle depends on the make and material. For a wooden base, you can use furniture oil to give it a shine. If it is a metal, apply a light coating of oil.

Sharp the Blade

The maintenance of a knife doesn’t end at cleaning. Sharpening of the blade is an important part of knives care. Even a high-quality knife needs proper sharpening from a good and strong sharpener. After the job is done, apply lubricant to ensure your knife’s mechanism works.

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