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Kershaw Concierge Review

All about Kershaw Concierge

Kershaw Conceiger is little bigger than normal Every day carry (EDC) knife boasting the exact same sci-fi elegance and yet another pocket knife by Kershaw Knives.

It is an engaging entry point into the mind of one of the world’s premier knife designers. Its dapper handle houses a deceptively easy blade, prepared to cut the foil from your early morning champagne or cut the skin from your brie at brunch. I kept Kershaw Concierge knife with me for a few weeks in between work and play, thanks to the generosity of the folks at Chicago Knife Works. As Kershaw Concierge knife has been released almost 2 years back, in 2018, yet it stands test of time and usage.

Kershaw Concierge Review, Kershaw Concierge Knife Review

Here’s what my experience and thoughts are over Concierge.

Kershaw Concierge Knife Details

As i always do, i start with general specifications and dimensions of knife and from there onward it moves on. The reason behind it, is very simple, the more you know about product, its design, the better you can expect from it. Price Tags are not that important, as its just a purchasing factor or an attribute. Kershaw Concierge Knife with SKU-KS4020

Kershaw Concierge Review, Kershaw Concierge Knife Review

Anyways, Kershaw Concierge has 3.25” blade with gentle curve. The stock is rather narrow throughout the shoulders (0.11-inches), with a hollow grind equipped in a dapper gray titanium nitride finish.

Underneath this lies Kershaw’s ever-present 8Cr13MoV steel.

The Concierge’s 7.25-inches is made up of nicely crowned G-10, within which lies a stainless steel linerlock and KVT ball bearing system. Up until a couple of years ago, this would likely have been operating on Teflon or (if we were fortunate) phosphor bronze washers.

As it is, this freshly budget-friendly system is sandwiched in a 0.55-inch thick handle, bringing the knife’s overall weight to 4.3-ounces.

Note: Its not USA Made, Its Made in CHINA

Kershaw Concierge knife’s Real-World Usage

Now that we’ve covered the stats, let’s take a minute to talk about the knife’s real-world usage. The long, gentle curve of the blade is well suited for everyday jobs.

Its hollow grind had no difficulty dealing with my normal cutting jobs like

  • Slicing apples
  • Peeling onions
  • Cutting cardboard
  • Opening envelopes and plastic wraps

Kershaw Concierge knife comes well sharp from the factory, and I’ve stropped it back to life without any problems. I’ll be covering the information of its ergonomics in a as you read under; however, I’m generally impressed with the daily capability of the Concierge.

Handle of Kershaw Concierge knife

This is a knife that’s smooth all over the subtle swells and arcs of the Concierge’s handle are truly something to value, especially when taken a look at up close. Dmitry Sinkevich is understood for his streamlined, futuristic designs, and his design remains in full force here.

Kershaw Concierge Review, Kershaw Concierge Knife Review

The texturing of the G-10 handles is smooth and subtle. The big, dimpled pivot screws supply a fascinating centerpiece for eye and thumb alike, and the chamfered steel liners are simple on the palm. I value the jimping on the long backspacer, as well. Beyond its ergonomic appeal, it’s another point of visual grace in the knife’s overall design.

Kershaw Concierge knife’s Pocket Clip

One of the more special elements of the Concierge lies in its recessed pocket clip. This single tongue of steel dips below level of the rest of the handle, thanks to a set of unique cutouts. The idea glimpses just above the horizon of the surrounding G-10, allowing users to slip the knife in and out of the pocket with ease. Similarly, a laynard hole is given.  I also reviewed Kershaw Leek which is little smaller yet and other great knife with perfect pocket clip just like Kershaw Conciege.

Kershaw Concierge Review, Kershaw Concierge Knife Review

It takes a little practice in getting used to is pocket clip. A recessed clip equates into a reduction of hot-spots in my hand, and Mr. Sinkevich has actually optimized its application. Real, this indicates you’re entrusted a non-reversible clip. You will see more details of it in a Video Clip under:

Deployment and Lockup

The Concierge employs a few of the very best fit and completing. As soon as we shift into the functional realm, a number of budgetary bugaboos rear their unsightly heads.

Let’s begin with the positives. The opening action is strong, thanks to a sturdily developed detent. The blade’s long flipper tab is well-ground and smooth, choosing a button-style press to the old light-switch flick. As pointed out earlier, it’s great to see a KVT bearing system at a cost point formerly scheduled for Teflon or phosphor bronze washers.

Kershaw Concierge Review, Kershaw Concierge Knife Review

My specific test model came with some lovely significant lock stick. Combine this with the rather thin (though well-chamfered) lock bar, and you’ve got a recipe for softened thumb meat.

I’ve spent a good quantity of time messing around with the Concierge, and the lockbar problem isn’t as bad as it used to be. At least on my test design, the stickiness took some of the fun out of the experience. It’s an embarrassment, specifically provided the KVT bearings and the ideal position of the flipper tab.

There’s likewise an odd note of metal chatter upon closure, the majority of visible in between the disengagement of the lock and the blade tang hopping up over the detent. This is a small concern, and I’m not concerned about the mechanical soundness of the lock system.

Kershaw Concierge Review – Final Thoughts

Small production problems aside, I still think this is an excellent knife. The recessed pocket clip and upscale aesthetic alone are sufficient to call for the price of entry. I ‘d encourage prospective purchasers to adopt the try-before-you-buy mindset, in order to prevent choosing up a model with the very same lock stick issue I experienced. You can buy Kershaw Knives for Sale at Chicago Knife Works at discounted prices.Kershaw Concierge Review, Kershaw Concierge Knife Review

It’s a strong alternative at a decent price, provided its litter larger in size compared to routine EDC knives or Pocket Knives. I personally liked this one as well, but you can also read my other Reviews on Kershaw BareKnucle or Kerhshaw Launch 4.


Disclaimer: This Article is contributed by Salman Qadeer, who is owner of SQ Expertise working professional and outdoors hobbyist. All Opinions shared are subjective and his thoughts and experiences. Chicago Knife Works takes no responsibility of any claims.
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