Civivi Elementum

Civivi Elementum

CIVIVI Elementum is an incredible pocket knife with features hard to find on knives less than $150. Its simple lines and EDC design make it stand out in a world of overthought, complicated knives. Because of this, the Elementum has solidified itself as an EDC favorite and an overall top pick for knife lovers

Elementum is a great knife to collect as it comes in many different styles and variations, and can easily be customized to fit your style and needs. If you’re still on the fence about a CIVIVI Elementum, just try one out. You won’t be disappointed!

The Elementum by CIVIVI is one of those knives that’s easily overlooked because of its simple design and but these Elementum knives have stellar build quality.

Technical Specifications of Civivi Elementum Knife

Overall Length 6.99”

Blade Length 2.96”

Blade Drop Point

Blade steel Damascus, D2 or CPM-S35VN

Handle Scales Various

Weight Approx. 3.00 oz.

Locking Mechanism Liner Lock

Price varies as per blade and handle materials

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Civivi Elementum has both high end premium steel like CPM S35VN, Damascus steel and also D2 steel, as the price varies between the materials you choose from 13 different models of Civivi Elementum we have for you. The higher end Elementum models feature metal, wood and carbon fiber handles whereas economical models of Civivi Elementum have variety of G10 handle scales.

Given brass or copper handle scales add extra weight to your knife where as carbon fiber ones are lighter yet expensive option to go with. All these knives are made by Civivi Knives and are made in China.

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