Havalon Knives is known for providing one of the best & sharpest hunting knives which is a division of Havel’s® manufacturing medical, dental and veterinary products, as well as cutting blades and scissors for consumer and industrial applications.

Havalon Knives has a dedicated team which ensures the high quality of Havalon folding knives, Havalon fixed blade knives and other multi tools. Havalon hunting blades are known for their ultra-sharp edge since beginning. These super sharp blades are well received by professional hunters for field dressing, skinning & capping work.

But people from All over America likes their knives for being, portable, pocket friendly and being light weight. It’s also a great choice for travelers and most importantly, knife collectors who collect premium hunting knives. Thus, Havalon blades are perfect for Camping, outdoor adventures, trekking and above all hunting.

Havalon Hunting Knives & Tools

Havalon Knives are designed by merging modern & traditional techniques making them perfect blend of highly efficient cutting tools. The brand which was known for hunting knives with changing demands and innovation they are among the very first companies which introduced replaceable blades even for hunting knives. As of Today, brand offers more than 70 plus products to its customers with edges of their blades as sharp as surgical scalpels.

Havalon Knives for Sale

Shop 70 plus Havalon Knives for sale with us here at Chicago Knife Works with lowest possible prices on all in stock Havalon blades & tools. You can shop from wide range of Havalon products such as

  • Havalon Fixed Blade Knives
  • Havalon Folding Pocket Knives
  • Havalon Gut-Hook Skinner Knives
  • Havalon Hunting Knives
  • Havalon Linerlock Pocket Knives
  • Havalon Replacement Blades
  • Havalon Saws

Product Range of Havalon Knives

Havalon knives believes in updating itself especially their replaceable blades by providing new types and use specific blades. Their replaceable blade knives have almost 20% more thicker blades and are easy to remove via a tab at the base. As each knife offers different use, like skinning, capping etc. and even EDC, therefore, different blade options along with handle materials are used to provide best experience to its customers during use.

Following is a list of Havalon Knives, each knife has different options and is equipped with further variants as per user preferences.

  • Havalon Baracuta
  • Havalon Bone Collector
  • Havalon Evolve Multi tool
  • Havalon EDC REDI
  • Havalon EXP Knife
  • Havalon Forge
  • Havalon Hydra Knife
  • Havalon Piranta Knife
  • Havalon Quick Change Knife
  • Havalon Talon Fish knife
  • Havalon Talon Hunt Knife
  • Havalon Titan Knife

Havalon Knives Warranty

*Note: You can buy replacement blades for your knives separately as well.

Havalon Knives does not provide any sort of lifetime or limited warranty on its products. Yet, they offer 100% replacement warranty on their products due to any manufacturing defects. Furthermore, they offer folding and fixed blade hunting knives not survival knives therefore, you can easily damage your Havalon knife is used as hammer, chisel or pry bar etc.

Halavon Blades Repair Services

Yes, they do provide repair services against their knives. Any knife being misused or gets damaged will be repair by their repair department after analyzing the cost which is very reasonable.

Can you sharpen Havalon blades?

Yes, you can sharpen your Havalon blades using any appropriate re-sharpening system when you feel their blades need sharpening.

What is Havalon Knives blade Material?

AUS-8 stainless steel is being used in most of Havalon knives which is known for corrosion resistance and edge retention with sharpening properties same of 440 stainless.

Are Havalon knives made in USA?

Most of Havalon Knives are made in China or Taiwan and the replacement blades for their knives such as Havalon Baracuta, Havalon Piranta etc. are made in India. The blades of these knives are rust resistant because of low level of carbon being used in them.

What are Havalon knives used for?

Havalon knives are mainly used for hunting purposes where skinning of animals is required like, their Havalon Piranta & Havalon Baracuta are known best of skinning deer & other game because of quick exchangeable blades.

Where to buy Havalon Knives for Sale?

Shop Havalon Fixed blades, Pocket knives, Gut-Hook Skinner, Hunting, replacement blades and Havalon Saws with lowest prices online at Chicago Knife Works offering 30 days Return / Refund Policy & multiple worldwide shipping options.

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