GT Knives

GT Knives founded by Greg Bark & Todd Jones who have precision metal working experience of over 15 years offer best action Automatic knives made in USA.

GT Knives

GT Knives are a result of Greg & Todd’s expertise resulting in highly innovative knives in terms of their internal operations to your look and feel.  This was only possible because both started out designing and machining their designs from scratch having no pre-conceived notions and end up with fresh yet innovative folding knives in USA.

GT Knives button lock folders have been designed and manufactured with closest possible tolerance on latest computer aid CAD/CAM with CNC milling in their own work shop at Fountain Hills, Arizona.

GT Knives is now owned by Famous Trails which a family is owned company also owning Mantis Knives which are also available at our store at very reasonable prices and another brand called Trail Creek Products.

GT Knives for Sale

Shop GT Knives online with lowest prices and free shipping all over (main land USA) with easy & multiple shipping options for international shipping. We offer 30 days return & refund offer on all purchases you make through our store.

Who owns GT Knives?

Famous Trails acquired the assets of GT Knives in 2002 and since then the GT Knives brand and its assets are owned by them. Famous Trails also owns Mantis Knives and is family owned company.

Where GT Knives are made?

GT Knives are made in USA with latest technology using premium materials.

What Blade Material GT Knives use?

GT Knives use ATS 34 as their blade material having blade shapes of drop point & Tanto.

What is deployment & Locking Mechanism of GT Knives?

GT Knives are mostly automatic knives with Push Button (check your state laws prior to purchase) or Thumb stud as opening mechanism whereas all knives have aluminum handles with Button lock locking mechanism.

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