Kotoh Knives

Kotoh knives are made by the small blacksmith’s shop of Yoshimi Kotoh in Japan.

Kotoh Knives , Kotoh Knife, Kotoh Knives for sale
Kotoh Knives for sale

Kotoh Knives

These knives are quite short with upto 4″ of maximum blade size yet at enjoyable lightweight.

Depending on the handle scales used which is mostly wood in these Japanese Pocket Knives these kotoh Japanese Pocket knives used wood they weigh around 20 to 25gr.,

Kotoh Japanese Folding Knives

All Kotoh folding knives comes with a leather sheath weighing around 10grams.

The Japanese blades are laminated using VG10-steel in the middle layer.

As usual with traditional knives they do not provide a locking mechanism which we mostly find in other brands. But these are known for their sharp edge and great blade retention by its users.

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