Butterfly Knives

Butterfly knives also known as Balisong knives. They are also referred as fan knives. Shop Balisong knives with us at discounted and lowest prices.

We offer a comprehensive variety of butterfly knives, including the butterfly knife trainers which are practice knives.

Use these Balisong knives for playing tricks in a safe manner. These are an ideal EDC with a sturdy blades which can be used for routine cutting work and self defense.

These Butterfly knives are loved by their users and that is why they are manufactured by world’s renowned knife manufacturers like

  1. Bear & Sons
  2. Bear Ops
  3. Benchmark
  4. Black Fox
  5. Bradley
  6. Cold Steel Knives
  7. EOS
  8. Kershaw Knives
  9. Mantis

Butterfly Knife or Balisong Knife

It’s a folding knife and its origin to some is Philippines. The main distinct features of Butterfly knife has its handles which are counter rotating around its tang in such a way, then its closed, the blade of butterfly knife is concealed in its handles.

Normally, a typical butterfly knife has a latch on end of one side, used as locking the knife.

In hands of professional, it’s very easy to deploy using single hand and so as closing it, the manipulations of Balisong knife or butterfly knives is mostly called flipping and it’s performed for art or amusement as well. It’s also used in Martial Arts.

Given the knife has illegal or restricted status in many countries around the world, as per laws switchblades, concealed weapons are restricted. Before buying you must know the regulations of your state and country.

Where Are Butterfly Knives Illegal?

As said earlier butterfly knives are illegal in following regions as per our information but you can check regulations at your end.

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Philippines
  • United States

As there are some regulations which vary from state to state but with information till May 2020, following are US states where it’s illegal.

  • California: Any knife is illegitimate to carry or bear if its blade is more than 2 inches in length. However, an automatic knife is legal to possess if you keep it in your home.
  • Hawaii: Balisong knife or Butterfly knife is illegal to sell, possess, transport, manufacture, or transfer in Hawaii. The violation is punishable for at least 3-5 years in prison.
  • New York: In this city, Balisong knife is not considered a “gravity knife”.
  • Kansas: In Kansas, a “Gravity knife” has legal restrictions too.
  • Utah: Balisongs or Butterfly knives are legal as long as they aren’t covered or concealed.
  • Oregon: Butterfly knives are illicit to carry in “concealed state” in Oregon.
  • Wisconsin: This state has made Balisongs legal even if they are concealed but only inside your property and not outside the property.
  • Texas: Under the Chapter 46 penal code of Texas, a Balisong knife is considered as a “switchblade.” Hence, are illegal to intentionally or knowingly possess, sell, transport, repair, and manufacture switchblades within the Texas state. It is illegal.

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